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From the aromas to their taste, you can appreciate the quality of our product.

About Tabacalera Caballeros

There’s some allure to smoking a cigar. One that only those who have experienced it, know about it. You can’t teach it, it has to be felt.

This is exactly what brought two people, from two very different backgrounds (and countries) to collaborate, and eventually create a line of cigars that need to be experienced in order to be enjoyed.

“A cigar is not just a cigar, it is a moment of extreme pleasure.”

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Connecticut Toro rated a 94!

“Upon the very first puff, the Tabacalera Caballeros Connecticut offers a delightful burst of fruity notes that immediately grace the palate, setting the tone for an exquisite experience. The natural sweetness swiftly complements this profile, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

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